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Villa Edem

Villa Edem

The Garden of Eden was freely given to the people by God, full of beautiful fruit bearing trees, lovely flowers with enchanting aromas and a river irrigating the plants of Heaven. It provided people everything they needed to live well and full of happiness. This earthly paradise was God’s gift to man, who had no reason to want to leave that place.

Edem Resort was created to serve as a little piece of paradise in Porto Heli, where guests will live unforgettable moments and create beautiful memories. The name was not given at random – Edem is the Greek word for Eden – as both the area of Porto Heli with its incredibly beautiful landscapes, the crystal clear waters and its long history, as well as our facilities with a variety of amenities satisfying even the most demanding guests, confirm this choice.

*Please note that due to privacy reasons not all of our properties are displayed online. For any further information please contact us.


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