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Μinimal Complex in Glyfada Golf area
Minimal Complex In Glyfada Golf Area – Description

Build Area:

Building A:  1) 246 sqm

Building B:   2) 415 sqm  3) 254 sqm  4) 216 sqm   5) 198 sqm  6) 251 sqm   7) 295 sqm

Property Type: Maisonettes & Apartments

Levels: 2 (for Maisonettes) & 1 (for Apartments)


This Minimal Complex In Glyfada Golf Area close to the sea in a prime Athens suburb consists of apartments, three townhouses, and penthouses, close to the sea in the prime Athens suburb of Glyfada. A visually refined modern complex created by renowned Greek architects ISV, which expresses their distinctive blend of functionality and human aesthetic. The complex offers a definitive contemporary setting for the sophisticated modern lifestyle – the need to balance work and home, pressure and leisure, activity and tranquility. Each apartment consist of some bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, parking spaces expect from the townhouses on the ground floor and the penthouses maisonettes that include extra private use of a swimming pools in their garden or roof garden and an attic.



1st  Penthouse Maisonette of 246 sqm 2nd Maisonette of 415 sqm 3rd Maisonette of 254 sqm 4th Apartment of 216 sq
Floor 4th-5th Ground & 1st Ground & 1st 2nd
Bedrooms 4 4 4 4
Bathrooms 3 (+1wc) 3 (+1wc) 3 (+1wc) 3 (+1wc)
Price 2.210.000€ 2.200.000€ 1.700.000€ 1.650.000€


5th Apartment of 198 sqm 6th Penthouse Maisonette of 251 sqm 7th Penthouse Maisonette of 295 sqm
Floor 2nd 3rd-4th 3rd-4th
Bedrooms 3 3 4
Bathrooms 2 (+1w/c) 2 (+1w/c) 3 (+1wc)
Price 1.550.000€ 2.250.000€ 2.700.000€


Design Philosophy

Home is at the heart of your life.

Each home is individually designed and creates individual character to meet individual needs.

The residences are split between two buildings united by integrity of design: the one long and low of classical elegance and austerity, the other in contrast, tending to the cube, more playful. One building stands slightly higher than the other and further forward, the alignment creating a subtle interplay and balance, which is counterpointed by ingenuity in the lines of construction.

The use of glass balustrades creates a sense of lightness and transparency, allowing enjoyment of the views from within the building. Tinted glass windows suggest coolness and depth, privacy and intimacy.

The principal balconies of all residences are at the front of the buildings and face south, towards the sea. Interior hardwood flooring extends onto the balconies so that living space merges effortlessly with the natural environment.


ISV architects create buildings and interiors from a clear vision illuminated by a sense of space that creates aesthetic form from function and convenience.

Plane surfaces and unobtrusive design rhythms yield balance and harmony. Interior space responds to the outside environment, reflecting the moods and spectacle of the natural world, resonating in the human soul.

Top quality luxury fittings: elegance, individuality and convenience

All residences are fitted with panelled security doors and a choice of video entryphones for visitor access.

Interior design is enhanced by selective use of suspended ceilings and concealed lighting together with discreet air conditioning and ventilation ducting buried within the walls. Each residence has independent air-conditioning and hot water systems, the latter provided by a combination of solar panels and internal boilers.

Kitchens and bathrooms are fitted with designer units and fittings from top names. Individual owners may choose specific layouts to meet their precise needs.

For ease of operation all dwellings will be equipped with smart systems for fingertip control of shutters, lighting, sound, balcony awnings and air-conditioning.

Most of the Emerald Terraces dwellings benefit from an independent service bedroom in the basement, equipped with ensuite WC/shower and kitchenette.

Special Details

Planted rock gardens and glittering water features bring elegance and a playful touch of sophistication to the entrances to both buildings.

Garden design is by landscape architects.

Hardwood floors of exceptional quality extend from living rooms out onto the wide balconies, creating a unity between the interior and exterior spaces of the dwellings.

Energy Saving and Sustainability

Modern devices and equipment ensure comfort and respect for the environment. At a simple level these include rainwater collection tanks for use in the gardens and green spaces, and solar panels for hot water. Underfloor heating in all spaces creates background warmth while keeping down energy costs. Environmentally friendly design features such as reflective glass and brises soleil reduce solar heat gain. The use of advanced-technology aluminium frames and thermo/acoustic-insulating glass for balcony doors attenuates noise and seasonal heat loss/gain. Stylish LED track lighting accentuates the interior design and saves energy.

Power Supply


Back-up generators safeguard against power cuts, providing secondary emergency power for lighting in public spaces, doors, lifts and heating systems.


Optional mains gas connection to all homes.


  • Garden Floor plus two other floors Townhouse A1 351.11 m2 A distinguished 4-bedroom townhouse spread over three floors with spacious private garden and swimming pool. Sold
  • Floor A Apartment A2 126.25 m2 A bright 2-bedroom corner apartment with wraparound balcony. Sold
  • Floor A Apartment A3 192.82 m2 An airy apartment with extensive balcony and three large bedrooms. Sold
  • Floor B Apartment A4 162.45 m2 A 3-bedroom corner apartment with wraparound balcony. Sold
  • Floor B Apartment A5 193.34 m2 A generous 3-bedroom apartment with extensive balcony. Sold
  • Floors C & D Penthouse A6 246.10 m2 A highly desirable 4-bedroom penthouse apartment on two floors with private roof garden and rooftop swimming pool. Asking Price: 2.210.000 €
  • Floors C & D Penthouse A7 291.58 m2 A highly desirable 4-bedroom penthouse apartment on two floors with private roof garden and rooftop swimming pool. Sold


  • Garden Floor plus one other floor Townhouse B1 414.13 m2 An exceptional 4-bedroom townhouse spread over two floors with relaxation/entertainment suite, Jacuzzi and hammam, spacious private garden and outdoor glass-walled swimming pool. Asking Price: 2.200.000 €
  • Garden Floor plus upper floor Townhouse B2 253.91 m2 A distinctive 4-bedroom townhouse on two floors with spacious private garden and swimming pool. Asking Price: 1.700.000 €
  • Floor A Apartment B3 52.90 m2 A compact studio apartment with large balcony. Sold
  • Floor A Apartment B4 122.35 m2 A generous 3-bedroom apartment with large balcony. Sold
  • Floor A Apartment B5 88.02 m2 A spacious 1-bedroom corner apartment with wraparound balcony. Sold
  • Floor B and lower floor Duplex Apartment B6 215.62 m2 A spacious 4-bedroom duplex apartment with exceptionally wide balcony. Asking Price: 1.650.000 €
  • Floor B Apartment B7 197.55 m2 An expansive 3-bedroom apartment with exceptionally wide balcony. Asking Price: 1.550.000 €
  • Floors C & D Penthouse B8 250.54 m2 A highly desirable 3-bedroom penthouse apartment on two floors with private roof garden and rooftop swimming pool. Asking Price: 2.250.000 €
  • Floors C & D Penthouse B9 294.17 m2 A highly desirable 4-bedroom penthouse apartment on two floors with private roof garden and rooftop swimming pool. Asking Price: 2.700.000 €

Foivis 17, Glyfada 16674 Athens
Τ: (+30) 210 89 83 508  F: (+30) 210 89 81 725



PROPERTY ID:15971 / Μinimal Complex in Glyfada Golf area

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