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Greek Riviera

Porto Heli Destination

Also known as The Greek Riviera, one of the most exclusive vacation areas in Greece, favored by privileged and high-end society, royals, and shipping heirs. Many luxury hotels, amazing Villas, plenty of restaurants and taverns, snack bars, cozy cafés, bars, and nightclubs are on offer to those who seek out pleasures and extravagance during their… Read More &raquo

Ermioni Destination

Ermioni is a picturesque traditional village with an island feel, located on the eastern coasts of Peloponnese, built on a cape and surrounded by pine trees. Its location offers easy access to the main sights of Argolida, attracting numerous visitors who enjoy the lovely beaches, and the picturesque little harbor, with the popular fish tavernas,… Read More &raquo

Spetses Destination

Opposite to Costa and just a short trip by boat or by Flying Dolphin from the port of Piraeus, lays the island of Spetses or Isola Di Spezzie, the Island of Aromas, as it was named by the Venetians because of its many aromatic herbs. An island with long naval tradition, a glorious past and… Read More &raquo

Hydra Destination

Hydra is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece, in the center of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, pretty close to Athens. A perfect option for a quick getaway just a few minutes away from Ermioni by boat or by Flying Dolphin from Piraeus. Also, there is a flat area close to the town of Hydra,… Read More &raquo

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