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Hydra Destination

Hydra is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece, in the center of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, pretty close to Athens. A perfect option for a quick getaway just a few minutes away from Ermioni by boat or by Flying Dolphin from Piraeus. Also, there is a flat area close to the town of Hydra, which is used as a place for helicopters to land and take off.

You will find no cars on this serene island that you can explore on foot, by boat, or even with the traditional way, donkeys and mules, the island’s main means of transport. In Easter, you can enjoy the local custom of the Epitaph in the sea and the burning of Judas’ dummy. The Miaoulis Festival takes place every June, honoring the memory of the great captain Miaoulis with spectacular events and fireworks.

Its beauty and reputation traveled far away and Hydra became famous around the ‘60s when Sophia Loren was the star of the movie “Boy on a dolphin” that was set in the island. It was the beginning of a new era for Hydra. Celebrities and visitors from all over the world discovered the island and its charming atmosphere and a cosmopolitan air was established. Hydra managed to preserve its distinctive and romantic atmosphere through the passage of time.

Nowadays it is the ideal destination for many international jet setters, who are looking for a place of privacy and safety but with elegance to enjoy their vacations. High-quality tourist facilities, traditional taverns with fresh fish, cozy restaurants with local delicacies or international dishes, little shops for your gifts, graphic cafés and night bars for your drinks, beautiful hotels, sophisticated stone mansions, and luxurious villas are awaiting to complement your inner sense of entertainment, and comfort, with luxury and style in a picturesque waterfront.

Take a walk through Hydra and you will meet many stone mansions owned by important families in the past. Today most of them, house the island’s museums. Historical archive-Museum with rare objects related to history, tradition and culture of the island from 18th – 19th century. Byzantine Museum with vestments, holy vessels, elaborately decorated gospel and icons, mainly from the 18th century. National Historical Museum operates as a branch of the National Historical Museum. Owned by Lazaros Kountouriotis, the largest financier of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, it was donated to the National and Ethnological Society of Greece in 1979 by his descendants. Post-Byzantine Art and History Museum, exhibits personal artifacts of the Kountouriotis family, as well as exhibits from the modern history of the island.

Moving away from the main town but in a close distance, you’ll discover picturesque villages, where you will see the traditional side of the island, such as Kaminia a small fishing port with nice taverns at the waterfront and a calm beach and Vlichos, a lovely, quiet village with a pebbled beach.

Last but not least we have to mention the beautiful beaches of the island, the perfect places to escape during the hot summer days! The best beaches in Hydra are Vlichos a beach covered with pebbles, Mandraki, an organized beach with watersport facilities, Bisti, a pebbly beach with diving and kayaking activities, Limnioriza, maybe the most beautiful beach of the island with the turquoise waters, Hydroneta, the beach with the cement decks beneath the cannons and Agios Nikolaos a sandy beach that can be reached only by boat departing frequently from the main town!

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