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The Most Exclusive New Villa in Greece

Amanzoe Villa 20

Aman’s hotels have long been favorites of luxury travelers, the so-called Aman Junkies who do global runs to check out the brand’s new openings known for their forward design and lush, secluded settings.  It’s not surprising, then, that the company would produce a showstopper villa at one of their latest resorts. The name is simple—Villa 20—but the villa that opened last week at Greece’s Amanzoe in the Peloponnese peninsula is anything but.  Spread out on four acres and constructed on six levels with nine bedrooms and seven pools, it functions as a veritable boutique hotel within the hotel. There’s a staff of ten assigned to it, as well as a dedicated beach cabana at the resort’s beach club a short drive away (the resort is located on a hilltop with striking views of the Aegean but isn’t seaside)  plus a spa with hammam, Pilates equipment, a yoga studio, etc.

Within the nine bedroom villa is a full service spa including this art filled waiting area.

Within the nine bedroom villa is a full service spa including this art filled waiting area.

As designed by Ed Tuttle, the longtime architect of the brand’s contemporary Asian silhouette,  the villa shares the signature lean lines and neutral tones in marble, fine woods and stone of other Amans. But here the design touches of contemporary furniture in curved lines, hand woven rugs, sculptures and paintings by Greek and international artists also incorporate a nod to Greek style:  white columns framing the views. The views, in fact, are intended to be the prominent design touch visible through open air salons on every level, surrounding guests with visions of olive groves, lavender trees and the sea. (Rate for a week: $129,290, available through Ultravilla/Five Star Greece.


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