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Ververonta Project with Airfield and Golf vision

Ververonta Project with Airfield and Golf vision
Ververonta Project with Airfield and Golf vision 

The property in an ownership of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF). The HRADF announces the launch of an international tender process for the exploitation of the Porto Heli Estate, a hillside setting land plot within the municipality of Ermionida on the east coast of the Argolis peninsula in Peloponnese. The property is located at “Ververonta” area in Porto Heli village, in the Prefecture of Argolis. It is also located approximately 500 meters away from the center of the village and 300 meters to the North from the coast of Ververonta lagoon and the Bay of Porto Heli.

Porto Heli is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Argolis and has a highly developed tourism infrastructure. It is particularly suitable for owners of yachts since the port has very good infrastructure and large capacity. At the same time, boats depart from the port of Porto Heli to the nearby islands of Argosaronikos (Hydra, Spetses, etc.) as well as to the opposite coast of Tyros and Leonidio.

The property has a total area of 627,4.,84 sq.m. Its shape is an elongated polygon with a great facade towards the beach. The southern boundaries of the property are expanding almost to the entire width of Ververonta lagoon and of the Bay of Porto Heli at a length of about 2,600 meters and are adjacent to the boundaries of Porto Heli village.

The greater part of the property is occupied by bushy, fallowed land no vegetation. The property to its Southern boundaries is flat; to its north boundaries it extends to the slopes of the northern hills of Porto Heli, with unlimited and panoramic view towards the sea, the Ververonta lagoon and the port of the homonymous village.


Access is possible from the entire perimeter of the property. The property is located: 175 km away from Athens, 135 km away from Tripolis, 80 km away from Nafplio, and 7 km away from Kranidi.

Suggested Use

The Property is envisaged to be developed in the context of Law No. 3986/2011 and in accordance with the relative Special Development Planning Zone (ESCHADA). In more detail, it is suggested that a Mixed Use can be developed in two separate Zones: the development of the first Zone may include Tourism & Leisure uses, e.g. a 9-hole golf course and a hotel with supporting hospitality and leisure facilities, while the second Zone may include a Type B Airport.

Location: Porto Heli (Ververonta)

Plot Area: 627,484 sqm

Zones: 2 (Leisure Facilities – Type b airport)




Τ: (+30) 27540 – 51 390  F: (+30) 27540 – 51 781



PROPERTY ID: Ververonta Project with Airfield and Golf vision | HO1003

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