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Infinity Project Investment

Infinity Project Investment
Infinity Project Investment

Total plot: 75.195 sqm

Total built-up area: 17.000 sqm



The best remaining investment opportunity is this unique property due to the specific plot of land, its location and many structured square meters.

This unique property between Hermione and Porto Heli is located in a secluded spot and at the same time in a focal point, from which one can easily get to the cosmopolitan islands of Hydra and Spetses. It could also accommodate sea travelers, who wish to make a stop while traveling between the Cyclades, the Argosaronic Gulf and the Ionian islands.
The hotel Costa Perla in its current situation needs major renovation and total reconstruction. This very large hotel was constructed in the 70s, like many others, at a time when tourism in Greece had a completely different philosophy. Huge building by the sea, on unique beachfront location with no architectural approach and without color, were aiming at cheap and easy tourism. As a result, these unique place was underestimated. Today there is a different approach from abroad aiming clearly at a specific target group of quality and select tourists/ luxury tourism. It is true that smaller boutique hotels are being constructed with larger spaces and amenities for each room, and at the same time the goal is that every tourist enjoys the privacy and exclusiveness he desires. Especially in places of unique natural beauty the visitor seeks seclusion and relaxation. This is the initial orientation for the renovation and re-construction to be achieved.
Through this unique property with 3 private beaches of 500 meters we take the opportunity to keep the existing building with its building coefficient and make a different and modern everlasting redeployment of the whole place.
Τhe property currently is in final stage of permissions and environmental study which will be subject to complex tourist accommodations on the relevant law of 28/08/11 according to the already built-up area.
We use the 20% of the existing built-up area of the total 75.000 sqm which is 15.000 sqm superstructure.
So we have main superstructure 15.000 sqm built-up that will be divided and will be structuring above the ground.
Thus we gain 20% and we have another extra 3.000 sqm which are underminded buildings and patio areas.
So the total built-up area is more than 18.000 sqm.
The 30% of 18.000 sqm – 5.400 sqm- would create a small and secluded settlement of large luxury villas for sale at the surrounding area of the property. Each one will have built area from 1.000 to 1.500 sqm and plot area from 7.000 to 10.000 sqm. Those 5 villas (see relevant photo) will all of them have separate and private access, beach and dock.
The rest of sqm. 12.600 sqm will be used for the construction of a 5 star hotel – the infinity resort- the 30% of that can be sold with lease for 100 years. The infinity resort consists of 17 furnished apartments 2 -5 bedrooms with building area 250 – 500sqm. The 11 of them (infinity villas) are cave and 6 (beachfront villas) are floating on 2 levels. Mounted on the level +7.00 up to +32.00 level, all the houses are above the communal areas so as to avoid disturbance and to ensure the uninterrupted views of the sea.


Each house includes:
Bedrooms (2-5) with en-suite bathroom and private balcony
Open plan living room-kitchen – dining room
Room service and preparation room with private entrance
Swimming pool

The communal areas of 2.500 sqm are developed to level +0.00 with direct access the beach and include:
Lobby | Spa | Restaurant with area for nightly screenings | Pool Lounge bar | Meeting room | Library | Gym | Stores | Locker rooms | Auxiliary spaces | Underground parking

This is the minimum case that each operator may change the sqm of the units.

To sum up, the infinity project is a complex accommodation of 18.000 sqm into a seafront plot area of 75.000 in unique beachfront area between Porto Heli and Hermioni. It consists of the infinity resort – a 5 star hotel of 11.000 sqm and 5 luxury villas for sale of 7.000 sqm totally. The infinity resort consists of 17 fully furnished and fully equipment units of 250 sqm to 450 sqm with 2 till 5 bedrooms. 11 of them – the periscope villas are underminded and 6 – the beach front villas- are navigable in two levels. All units built up at 8 levels are located above the communal places so as everyone has the necessary autonomy and privacy and above all everyone has seafront picturesque views.

Costa Perla Hotel Complex current description:
Costa Perla occupies a total area of 75,195 sqm, while the already constructed areas cover a surface of 3,087.59 sqm. With a maximum height of 11m at the main building and a total size of 24,371.38 sqm, it is literally a breath away from the beach, since its minimum distance from the coastline is just 30m. The maximum building coefficient in the area is 0,20 and the maximum coverage ratio is 10%.
The current hotel complex consists of: a)the main building with a surface area of 14,698.83 sqm and a total floor area of 9,924.12 sqm, b) he complex of bungalows consists of 1.500 sqm and c)a tank with a capacity of 600 cubic meters at the top of the plot, watering the whole area, swimming pool of maximum depth 9m, tennis courts, basketball courts & volleyball courts &mini golf, Restaurants in front of the swimming pool, private music club by the beach and Taverna on the beach, next to the private marina.

For further information, do not hesitate to ask us.

*Please note that due to privacy reasons not all of our properties are displayed online. For any further information, kindly contact us.




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